BallancerPro Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is like a refreshing shower for your body's internal systems.


The lymphatic system is not an efficient body system in the way that the circulatory system is. It is more like a lazy river than a fast moving stream. As such, we are likely to succumb to sluggishness and blockages in this vital body system that cause problems such as fluid retention, lack of energy and even decreases in natural immunity. Lymphatic drainage massage is a powerful hack to reboot this system and realize immense health benefits rapidly. It is also great for swelling post surgery and for recovery following cancer treatments.  


The BallancerPro has been dubbed the "Rolls Royce" of Lymphatic Drainage. Manufactured in Israel by a well known medical device company, the quality of the device is unrivaled. This machine is top of the line and offered exclusively by Health-haX in Colorado and the entire Midwest. The device helps boost immunity, lose water weight, flush lactic acid for sports recovery, ease body aches, reduce swelling, relieve paid, and even remove cellulite! 

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